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The best part of your visit was the informal interaction  with designers.  We were able to get answers to questions  that have plagued us for years.

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We provide training, consulting and support to your designers and verification engineers, as well as verification and analog modeling services. Our primary focus is on methodology transformation, so that when we are finished, your designers and verification engineers can find these errors for themselves. We are strong believers that the best way to learn is by doing. So our training contains a strong emphasis on lab work, where you write the models and testbenches needed to verify a design, and then run them on the design itself. But training is just the start. The next step is to start verifying your own designs. Here we help by guiding you through the process. With our consulting services we make sure you are successful by answering questions, reviewing your plans, models and testbenches, making suggestions, filling in when more resource are needed, and perhaps driving the entire process. The fastest way to adoption is for everyone to see tangible benefits on a production design. Our most gratifying moment is when designers see that they are capable of finding errors that they would have missed if it were not for out help.

To start we offer lectures, classes, and assessments. From there we can work with you to develop a custom program that transforms your design process over the course of several designs to include a strong verification component.

Step 1: Introduction and Assessment

We start with an introductory lecture on analog verification while answering any questions you might have. We then engage in discussions with your design and verification staff to understand your current methodology and needs. We finish by offering an assessment of your methodology and recommendations on where and how it can be improved.

Prices start at $7500US and include a two day visit to your site and a short written report.

Step 2: Training

This challenging four day course provides participants with the tools they need to take on the task of verifying complex analog, RF, and mixed-signal integrated circuits. It combines lecture with a substantial amount of time in the lab to teach the overall analog verification process. You will learn how to develop a verification plan, functional models of analog blocks, regression tests for those models, and a fully verified Verilog model for the entire analog portion of the design for use in chip-level verification.

Target Audience

The class is intended for anyone who would benefit from a working knowledge of analog verification. These include: analog verification engineers, analog designers, and digital verification engineers and CAD engineers who meet the prerequisites.


Though not required, it is helpful if students have a working knowledge of Verilog-A, analog circuits and their design, and the Cadence design environment. The better prepared you are, the more you will get from the class.

More information on the contents of the class can be found on our classes page.

Step 3: Consulting

Coaching is needed to assure a successful adoption of analog verification. We will lead you through the process during the course of one or more designs. This involves guiding you through verification planning, model and testbench development and debugging, and the testing of the design. We will review your work, answer questions, make suggestions, and if needed, drive the process.

A program is designed to meet your needs. Prices vary.

Verification Services

If you would like to try out analog verification before going to the trouble of building a verification staff, or perhaps just need some additional verification resources, we can help. We have fully trained and experienced analog verification engineers available on demand.

A program is designed to meet your needs. Prices vary.

Analog, Mixed-Signal, and RF Modeling Services

We also have engineering staff on hand to write analog, mixed-signal, and RF behavioral models and/or regression tests in Verilog, Verilog-A, and Verilog-AMS. Our staff can write the models that you need, or they can augment your team of model developers. Whether you are at the beginning of a design or near the end, we are here to help. They are fully trained, and we closely supervise their work. We implement model reviews to ensure that the models follow best practices. These best practices include techniques to ensure that models run as quickly as possible. They also include coding in a uniform style, e.g. using a common template for assertions, modeling power, etc. When modeling challenges arise, we work as a team to develop a solution. Modelers are available to meet short or long term needs.

We understand analog design and are experts in analog modeling methodologies. We will be able to come up to speed with whatever style of models you require and need little guidance to understand your analog, mixed-signal, or RF design. There will not be any need to coddle our engineers. We will make sure they understand, so that your models meet the requirements that you need with a minimum of effort and attention on your side.

Prices are competitive.

Prices given are for sites within 30 miles of Los Altos, California. Outside that area additional charges apply. Contact us for details.

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